Our programs: We are looking to unite forces of millions of people to prevent physical, psychological and sexual abuse
by taking specific actions along with governmental institutions, civil associations and religious institutions/communities.

Support in efficiency homes

Loving Life is committed to give support to those who are in need by teaming up with people that want to help through providing them with the basic needs so that they can live a life with respect and dignity.

The goal of this program is that Loving Life partners up with super markets, companies and/or individuals in order to multiply and leverage every effort that will allow us to bring the sufficient amount of goods for each organization/foundation that is being supported.

In the same way through which other programs are being achieved, this kind of activity will be done thanks to people who are willing to extend a helping hand for/to those who are reaching out for help.

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Conferences and workshops

Loving Life is a network of people that intend to spread the kind of message that will help in building a better society through talks and workshops that will be held in different ways, yet having as its core: education, formation in moral values, and preventions of situations where the roots of most problems that exist in our society are found/encountered.

Given that we want to make a huge impact through the messages we are trying to communicate, we have built a team of well-known speakers that have great amount of experience and that are famous for the way they have decided to live and overcome situations, not only on their daily life but also in their job life. Among many other, we count on speakers that are governmental, entrepreneurial and entertainment leaders. It will be a personal decision, for those who want to hire a speaker, to chose which inspirational life testimony, talk or experience suits better for their specific needs.

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Active participation at events

Loving Life wants to meet every single person who is already “Loving Life” and/or those who are intending and willing to start that path, reason why our organization will participate and be present at different conferences, events, walks and similar activities that support different causes but that are on the same path as our organization. The participation that “Loving Life” will be different in every case depending on the needs of each. Among many others we will be walking walks, raising our voice with our presence and with boards that will contain the message to support a specific mission, we will be present with booths or a space at certain events not only to provide information and support certain cause but also to become part of that specific cause by raising our voice with theirs.

Because it is so important that many voices are heard so it becomes louder without having to yell, we invite you to become part of our team y we ask you to unite with us , with our organization and support causes. To be the voice of those who haven’t been heard yet!

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Integral Counseling

Loving Life is an organization that is looking to bring support through individual and group counseling to those who have suffered violence or some kind of abuse (physical, psychological and/or sexual).

We have a great team of professionals whom are well known for their experience in counseling and who will be the main guides through this amazing experience, a new beginning, a new life! Thanks to the generosity of many and by having a set of mind on building a large team, we will allow them to have the possibility of loving of loving and living life to the fullest.

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Coalition with the media

Loving Life not only supports and helps several existing organizations and foundations through our programs, it also intends to communicate an inspirational message to society through media, besides also promoting social reintegration workshops for those who have been brought out from society in any possible way.

Loving Life is already reaching and moving many hearts and wills, and all this thanks to our mission. Our coalitions consist on finding media groups that want to support social causes and non profit organizations through allowing space on-air, printed and digital publicity for our organization.

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Message product promotion

Loving Life wants to send a message in a away that it can go further than what we can express with words, and thanks to the many ways of communications that exist, we will be able to express ourselves without having to talk or act, this through products that will have imprinted or in integrated in them, messages that promote ways to help build a better society and to love life. This products will be available on our on-line store and also in some spaces that will be given to us at certain events that we will be attending for what we count on you to stay tuned.

Loving Life also wants to share messages that are friendly to us, reason why, not only will we be able to provide with our products, but also with products acquired from other purveyors; given that we live in such a diverse world, we give different options and ways of sending our message in reaching different people yet having the same goal, to show how to live not on a usual way but actually “Loving Life”.

Loving Life - Online Store

Loving life store can provide you with all sorts of products that include movies, documentaries, audio shows, music, books and our special clothing line for women and men, everything with the same purpose and goal, to send out the message of Loving Life. Shopping at our on-line store is easy and secure.

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